CISCO NM-1T3/E3 1 PORT T3/E3 Clear Channel Network Module

P/N : NM-1T3/E3
Prod : NM-1T3/E3=

1-Port T3/E3 Network Module

DS3/E3 Specifications

• DSX3 level interface with dual female 75-ohm BNC coaxial connectors per port (separate RX and TX)

• Full-duplex connectivity at DS3 rate (44.736 MHz)

• Full-duplex connectivity at E3 rate (34.368 MHz)

• Scrambling and subrate support of major DSU vendors

• Line build-out-Programmable for up to 450 feet of 734A or equivalent coaxial cable or up to 225 feet for 728A or equivalent coaxial cable

• C-bit, or M23 framing for T3, bypass and G.751 framing for E3 (software selectable)

• Binary 3-zero substitution (B3ZS) (T3) or high-density bipolar with three zeros (HDB3) (E3) line coding

• Support for 16- and 32-bit CRC (16-bit default)

• DS3 FEAC channel support

• Twenty-four-hour history maintained for error statistics and failure counts

• DS3 alarm and event detection (once per second polling)

• Alarm indication signal (AIS)

• Out of frame (OOF)

• Line code violation (LCV)

• Excessive zeros (EXZ)

• Far-end receive failure (FERF)

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